Shaun Thomas Villafana

publisher, author
business owner
web designer
& journalist


Born and raised in Maui Hawai'i,
I was excited to get off the island and discover the world across the ocean.

At fifteen I moved to San Jose California to meet an amazing mix of culture, and since have traveled Canada, Australia, and hope to see the rest of the U.S. then India.

Notable Mentions of 2017- 2018

★ Connect ★

Welcome, whether you are purposefully here for the Online Adventure Course ~ or Finding this just now on Accident - behind this wall is the First Jump and "initiation" to your journey!

Of course the law of Karma is important althroughout life: If you wish to obtain value, you must give of value. A small mandatory donation to open this passage ❤️👼

Note: This is the only mandatory time you will ever need to pay for this event to proceed. Although there are many other things you can buy - the entire rest of the Online Adventure is FREE!

Ѻ҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈∆~ SECRET #1~Ѻ҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈∇
☆ If all are connected and all are ONE- than to fear is hypocrisy, and a choice! ☆

Congratulations on showing faith!!!

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