Shaun Thomas Villafana


Born and raised in Maui Hawai'i,
I was raised to a life of mystery and magic. It was beautiful there, but tragedy as a child made a big mark on me. A loner, and mostly silent growing up, I spent most my time alone and to myself. Everyday almost, I'd go to the beach after school and look out across the ocean, wondering what was out there.

The tragedy of back then, is a shame to not know a better way to put it. Yes, trauma stays with us and is hard to heal, but if you just were to tilt your view a little bit, to see things differently, you would find that there is a beauty and value in every tragedy, in a subtle irony and miracle that has become you.

My story is a long one. But I only have to repeat telling it, as I learn to tell it the right way. Or - express it fluently in all that I do.

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I'm just a human too, like you, trying to get by in life.
For those kind enough to donate to me - any amount at all - I've created something wonderful and mysterious for you, those of light
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Will you take a leap of faith - or let fear's irony stay your fate
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☆ If all are and is connected and all are ONE, than to fear in general is hypocrisy, and the choice to not allow blessing! ☆

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