Shaun Thomas Villafana

publisher, author
business owner
web designer
& journalist


Born and raised in Maui Hawai'i,
I was excited to get off the island and discover the world across the ocean.

At fifteen I moved to San Jose California to meet an amazing mix of culture, and since have traveled Canada, Australia, and hope to see the rest of the U.S. then India.

Notable Mentions of 2017- 2018

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I'm just a human too, like you, trying to get by in life.
For those kind enough to donate to me
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I've created something wonderful and mysterious for you
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Ѻ҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈∆~ SECRET #1~Ѻ҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈҈∇
☆ If all are and is connected and all are ONE, than to fear in general is hypocrisy, and the choice to not allow blessing! ☆

Congratulations on showing faith!!!

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